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Home Tibet Places to Visit The Pabang Kang

The Pabang Kang

This small two-storey temple marks the site of Songtsan Gampo's living quarters before the construction of the Jokhang, as well as his favorite place for meditation. It can be found near Sera Monastery to the North of Lhasa city.

The Pabang Kang has a long history although the original construction date is unknown. In the days of Songtsan Gampo, the palace was nine-storey high, and as well as Practicing Buddhism there, he also handled state affairs and met with foreign envoys. In a nearby cave, hidden by a huge stone slab, is the earthen throne where Songtsan Gampo sat and meditated.

A stone carving of the famous Buddhist chant "Om mani padme hum" was first presented at Pabang Kang, to Songtsan Gampo. The disciple Thonmi Sambhota had devised a Tibetan script after many years of study in India.

Throughout the era of the Tubo King this temple was an important place for all religious activities. It was destroyed however, during the region of King Long Dama(836-842) who tried to extinguish Buddhism. For 100 years religion was hardly practiced.

By the early 15th century after the establishment of the Gelukpa Sect, Pabang Kang was once again a favourite place of meditation-this time for Tsong Khapa.
It has remained a sacred place for all devout Buddhists.

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